Water treatment after lockdown

Water testing to get your business back on a steady footing

We know that 2020 has been a turbulent year for many companies, including the hospitality and leisure industries, which have been some of the hardest hit by lockdown rules. However, as we start to see a slow return to normality, it’s now time for these companies to think about how they can keep their customers safe as they start to re-open.

If your business exposes your consumers to water, whether that’s showers, hot tubs, or other spa equipment, there are a number of preventable health and safety risks that you need to ensure you are guarding against – specifically in relation to your plumbing and water treatment. This is particularly important following a period of closure and just as vital as the need to protect against coronavirus.

The dangers of legionella for your business

Legionella bacteria can have potentially fatal consequences. They can lead to a range of illnesses, most notably Legionnaires disease. The threat of legionella is present in almost all purpose-built water systems, particularly those operating with a temperature range of 20-45 degrees Celsius.

If you have not yet re-opened, there are some key steps that you should consider taking to ensure equipment like hot tubs are in good condition for when your guests return. Carrying out a flush and refill prior to your guests arriving is essential. If you’ve been able to keep plumbing systems operational and maintain water treatment during lockdown, this reduces the risk of harmful bacteria building up – but even so, legionella testing is essential.

What if the water system need testing?

Our specialists are able to help support you with legionella sampling and monitoring, as well as control and certification services. We carefully operate to meet all regulations within the HSE Approved Code of Practice L8.

It’s not just a one-off either – we offer a range of planned preventative maintenance packages, meaning you can rest assured that your water systems are safe and legionella free through regularly scheduled visits. Our flexible payment terms and loyal customer deals mean we’re confident we offer a great value option for you to keep your business safe and operational in a post-lockdown world.


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