Legionella Testing

Defend against potentially fatal bacteria with Brooktech’s specialist legionella sampling, monitoring, control and certification services.

Water hygiene is essential for employers, landlords and business owners. All are responsible for ensuring employees and tenants aren’t exposed to preventable health and safety risks.

The legionella bacteria can cause a range of illnesses including Legionnaires’ Disease, a serious form of pneumonia that can kill. Anyone can catch it, regardless of age or existing health conditions. Don’t let your employees fall victim.

The threat of legionella exists in almost all purpose-built water systems including:

  • Cooling towers
  • Evaporative condensers
  • Hot and cold water systems
  • Spa pools
Legionella blood sample

And your premises could be a dangerous breeding ground for legionella if your water system:

  • Has a temperature ranging between 20-45°C
  • Creates and spreads breathable droplets
  • Is compromised by rust or sludge containing the nutrients needed by the organism to grow
  • Stores and/or re-circulates water

Essential tasks to limit the dangers include flushing out systems, keeping them all debris-free with close-fitting seals, setting strict temperature control parameters and removing redundant pipework.

Brooktech’s comprehensive work will effectively control any risk and meet all regulations within the Approved Code of Practice L8 set by the Health and Safety Executive. And professional legionella management will quickly identify any remedial work your systems may need.

Employ the experts and take the necessary steps to protect your workforce from the possibility of serious disease.

Get peace of mind while ticking all the legal boxes.

Enjoy Ongoing Reassurance

Sign up to one of our planned preventative maintenance packages and we’ll schedule regular legionella visits.

Not only will you have the reassurance that your water is legionella free, you’ll also be saving money thanks to flexible payment terms and loyalty deals.

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