Water Treatment

Allowing scale and sludge to build up in water systems can lead to poor heat transference. The result? Appliances and plant that fail, plunging your business into an unexpected crisis.

And neglecting essential maintenance could put employees and tenants at risk of potentially fatal diseases.

Brooktech can keep everything flowing perfectly while reducing the possibility of serious infection. Clean, safe water that guarantees health, hygiene, efficiency and productivity.

Our competitively-priced and professional treatment and testing services include:

  • Full water treatment including sewage, wastewater and industrial effluent
  • Purification of potable water
  • Chemical cleaning
  • Chlorination and disinfection
  • Legionella sampling, monitoring, control and certification

Your premises could be a dangerous breeding ground for legionella if:

  • Water temperature ranges between 20-45°C
  • Your systems are compromised by rust or sludge
  • Water is stored and/or re-circulated
water leak prevention

Get the experts in to clean and treat. We’ll lower the chances of deadly bacteria growing and ensure all systems are working efficiently.

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