Tank Cleaning

Keep your water tanks 100% hygienic with Brooktech’s professionally thorough tank cleaning service.

Choose us and we’ll clean, descale and disinfect all tanks to deliver an exceptionally clean and safe system. It’s a vital part of your water hygiene routine.

Fail to maintain tanks and they’ll become the perfect breeding ground for potentially deadly bacteria including legionella and E.coli. Feeding on dirt, rust and debris, they’ll pose a serious health threat to you and your employees.

Tank Cleaning

Reduce the threat of legionella

Regular, professional tank cleaning will significantly minimise the risk of legionella, a serious bacteria which can be fatal. You’ll also be meeting all legal obligations set by the Health and Safety Executive.

Your premises could be a dangerous breeding ground for legionella if your water system:

  • Has a temperature ranging between 20-45°C
  • Creates and spreads breathable droplets
  • Is compromised by rust or sludge that contain the nutrients needed by the organism to grow
  • Stores and/or re-circulates water

Reduce the risks and get instant reassurance with Brooktech’s comprehensive tank cleaning service.

Enjoy Ongoing Reassurance

Sign up to one of our planned preventative maintenance packages and we’ll schedule regular tank cleaning visits.

Not only will you have the reassurance that your tanks are brilliantly clean, you’ll also be saving money thanks to flexible payment terms and loyalty deals.

Choose your tailormade service level – Lite, Mid or Pro – and save time and hassle while enjoying exceptional workmanship and dependable customer service.

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