Protect your retail, commercial or domestic property with a cutting-edge CCTV system. 

More than just a deterrent to intruders, the latest tech is designed with performance and results in mind.

Beyond their basic job of preventing both internal and external crime, they can:

  • Capture crucial evidence
  • Protect against false liability claims
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Boost employees sense of security
  • Reassure customers
Security CCTV camera on red background, closeup

Choose Brooktech for your professional CCTV installation and get essential peace of mind for your premises, staff and possessions.

Bespoke Installations

Brooktech’s expert team will help you choose the perfect CCTV system to suit your unique needs.

They’ll find out what problems you want to tackle, assess layouts and identify potential crime hotspots.

Before carrying out an installation, our professionals will also advise on the:

Ongoing Reassurance

With a bespoke project plan in place, Brooktech will install your new CCTV system to exacting standards.

You’ll enjoy exceptional workmanship backed up by friendly, efficient customer service.

And once your state-of-the-art cameras are up and running, our maintenance pros can carry out regular performance testing.


Reassured that your CCTV system is working smoothly, you’ll be free to focus on your business.

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