Planned preventative maintenance

What is planned preventative maintenance and why should you invest in it?

Planned maintenance is a highly valuable investment proposition and can help ensure that your invaluable heating, plumbing and electrical systems and equipment operate reliably. When you depend on them for the daily operation of your business, it’s important to have regular reassurance about their current state of repair.

What is planned preventative maintenance?

Planned preventative maintenance revolves around the regular checking of your gas, heating, plumbing, water treatment and electrical systems by a qualified technician. Every aspect of your systems will be checked to see the overall condition and to ensure that the unit/system still conforms to relevant safety standards.

Visits can vary depending on the package that you choose. For busy businesses with a large amount of electrical equipment, for example, a quarterly visit might be the best bet. For smaller businesses or those with less demanding needs, it may be every six months or maybe even a year. Your service provider will help you to determine the best time frame for you.

Why should you invest in planned maintenance?

Planned preventative maintenance is such a wise investment because it limits the risk of you being caught out by surprise, and often steep, repair bills. Keeping up with general wear and tear is much cheaper and more efficient than waiting for something to go wrong. It also means your business won’t have to suffer unscheduled downtime, which could cost you even more.

There are also many package benefits you can enjoy. At Brooktech Maintenance Ltd, for example, we offer package benefits including discounts on labour rates, free call-outs, and a customer portal that allows you complete access over your account with us.

Arguably the biggest benefit, however, is that you have constant peace of mind that your electrical equipment, plumbing and gas systems are all working as safely as possible.

Don’t wait for issues to develop

Planned preventative maintenance is one of the soundest investments any business or homeowner can make. For more information, or for your free quote, contact Brooktech Maintenance Ltd today.


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