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The Benefits of CCTV

Installing CCTV in your business premises has a number of security benefits, including:

Prevention of criminal activity

One of the most important benefits of installing CCTV cameras, for business premises, is that they are an excellent deterrent for criminals. If an intruder spots a CCTV camera or a mounted alarm system, they may decide that it is a safer and easier option to avoid breaking into the property altogether. Preventing intrusion is far more effective than having to deal with the consequences of a break-in after the fact.
In 2017, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that installing CCTV in public and private settings led to a 51% decrease in criminal activity in car parks and a 23% decrease in criminal activity in public transportation areas.

Reduced number of employee incidents

Incidences related to employee behaviour are common in workplaces that don’t have CCTV cameras installed. Installing surveillance cameras can help to prevent workplace violence, theft, sexual harassment and other employee misconduct as staff members will be aware that they are being monitored at all times in communal work areas. CCTV cameras can also prevent employees from getting away with misconduct as business owners and employers can detect suspicious behaviour when monitoring the footage on a weekly or monthly basis.

Reduced security costs for the business

Installing CCTV cameras on your business premises can cut down on security-related expenses. Installing CCTV cameras will reduce the number of security staff required to patrol your entire property and new CCTV technology is both cost-effective and practical. High-end wireless cameras are less obtrusive, highly functional, small in size, reliable and cheap to maintain. Most high-end wireless cameras also feature night infrared technology which can allow you to monitor your business premises 24/7. Because advanced CCTV cameras are so cheap to maintain, it is possible for you to monitor your entire premises at an affordable price.

If you’re looking to install CCTV cameras in your business premises, get in touch with our experts at Brooktech Maintenance today.


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