Fire alarm testing

How regularly should companies check their fire alarms?

To keep compliant, owners of commercial premises must complete a fire safety risk assessment and test their alarm system regularly. Read on to find out how often tests and servicing should take place.

Testing fire alarms

Passed in 2005, The Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order’s (RRO) states that testing for fire alarms should be conducted weekly. As a result, once a week, a responsible member of the company must perform a test. After activating a fire alarm call point, they must make sure that the alarm sounds and that the fire safety system panel is receiving the signal.

Different call points should be checked each week and if any faults are found, firms must act immediately to repair equipment issues. Every test must be logged with a time and date recorded, along with any findings of the test.

Servicing fire alarms

Along with weekly testing, fire alarm systems also require regular servicing. The British Standard associated with fire alarm compliance, BS 5839, recommends quarterly inspections for larger premises, and bi-annual servicing for small-to-medium sized sites.

Unlike weekly testing, fire alarm service inspections require a certified professional. Once onsite, a qualified electrician can make certain that the fire safety system is operating effectively. All routine maintenance will be carried out by the engineer and any issues highlighted.

Over time components of older systems may need to be replaced to ensure they can be counted on in an emergency. Electricians trained in fire safety systems will have the necessary skills required to effect immediate repairs. Regular servicing can save lives by identifying technical faults in a system before they fail.

Experts in fire alarm installations and servicing

At Brooktech Maintenance, our comprehensive electrical services include installing and servicing fire alarms. Our certified electricians are qualified to fit fire prevention devices and ensure they are operating at optimum capacity.

For expert testing, outstanding workmanship, and efficient and friendly customer service get in touch with us now for advice and a free quote to keep your premises protected against fire. Once on board, we offer flexible payment plans and discounted tariffs on our additional services.

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