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Why enterprises must act fast for EV charging in 2022

The combination of last year’s green summit in Glasgow and the Government’s pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, is focusing the UK’s efforts on a greener future. Numerous incentives have been offered to businesses to reduce their carbon footprint in the form of grants and schemes. The Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) for instance, financially helps companies to install electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

While a similar scheme offered to homeowners (EVHS) will end support in March this year, WCS is set to continue for the time being, but the size of the grant was already slashed in 2020.

To reap the benefits, firms must decide if they could benefit from Electric vehicle charging points. Read on to find out what WCS offers and some of the other advantages of an installation.

What does WCS offer businesses?

The WCS scheme now covers up to 75 per cent of the cost of a charge point and installation. As a result, applicants can receive a maximum sum of £350 per socket (Units able to charge two cars at once will qualify twice). Previously, grants of up to a maximum of £500 per socket were available through the WCS. However, as mentioned, the grant was reduced. Funding is now available for a total of up to 40 sockets each year. This includes faster charge points, but an enterprise applying for the grant must possess reserved private parking for its fleet and staff.

Electric vehicles and the future

Statistics from the AA suggest that by 2030 diesel-fuelled cars in Britain will be outnumbered by EVs. By fitting charging facilities now, companies can keep ahead of their competition and prepare. Firms deploying an electric fleet can also enjoy reduced costs as EVs pay no road tax. Finally, companies looking to lower their carbon footprint will also find that EVs emit zero tailpipe toxins.

Expert electrical installations

If you’re ready to make the most of the grants currently available, we can help. Our expert team at Brooktech Maintenance have the skills and experience to complete EV charge-point installations, ensuring equipment is safe and running effectively.

Get in touch with us today and receive a free quote for your Electric vehicle charging points.

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