Air conditioning in spring

Common air conditioning problems in spring

Air conditioners often experience a unique set of problems when transitioning between winter and spring. This is because when air conditioners aren’t used for a few months, they sometimes have difficulties starting up again.

Here are four air conditioning problems that commonly occur in the spring and how to approach them.

1. Dirty motors

The filter on your air conditioner needs to be replaced every month to prevent contamination. Failing to do this leads to a build-up of dust and debris which can affect the motors inside your air conditioner. This puts stress on other air conditioner components as they compensate for malfunctioning parts. Too much stress leads to unit burnout which can only be remedied with a complete replacement.

If you hear grinding noises or screeching coming from your A/C unit, or if you notice foul smells emanating from the vents, you may need to replace your motors.

2. Thermostat issues

Changes in temperature require you to programme your thermostat differently. People sometimes forget about this and quickly assume that their air conditioner is malfunctioning.

Make sure to check your thermostat and recalibrate it for the spring months in February. If you do this and your air conditioner still fails to perform optimally, consider calling a professional immediately.

3. Leaking refrigerant

There are several signs that indicate refrigerant is leaking within your air conditioner. Some of these include:

• Visible ice on the indoor coils
• Strange hissing sounds coming from your A/C cabinet
• Drops in cooling water levels

Refrigerant problems occur as a result of formicary corrosion in the winter months. This corrosion leads to the presence of small holes in your air conditioner that allow refrigerants to escape.

4. Hard starting

Hard starting occurs when your starting capacitor begins to fail. This is a device within your air conditioner that transmits voltage to the compressor motor to kickstart it into action. Leaving a failing capacitor in operation drains your air conditioner of energy and eventually causes the whole system to break down.

It’s essential that you recruit the help of a professional when it comes to replacing your capacitor.

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