Four warning signs your refrigerator needs maintenance

Four warning signs your refrigerator needs maintenance

Fridges are essential in our day-to-day lives, especially if your business relies on one to keep produce fresh, but that doesn’t mean they can just keep running! Like all appliances, they too can spoil and require maintenance every so often, which will ensure their longevity and optimum working condition.

Keep an eye out for these four signs that all is not well with your refrigerator:

#1. When your fridge is making a strange noise

Fridges can be noisy thanks to their cooling systems, but anything disruptive and/or loud isn’t normal – i.e. if it makes you take notice, it shouldn’t be happening! Take note of whether the noise is constant or intermittent, the frequency, and the type of noise. This way, you’ll be able to share these details with the service technician to help resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

#2. Your refrigerator is not cooling properly

Another frequent problem fridge owners encounter is inefficient cooling. It can take some time to detect this problem, which you might only realise is happening if, for example, food is spoiling more quickly than it should. If you suspect this issue, place a thermometer inside your refrigerator to monitor temperature variations. If you do notice fluctuating temperatures, you should act quickly and consult a specialist.

#3. Excessive frost or freezing

If your fridge seems to be much too cold, it could need maintenance. Frost build-up will appear on the interior walls of the refrigerator (some is normal, but if it looks like a freezer, it’s not right!). If you notice this, consult a technician promptly to address the problem.

#4. Your fridge has a strange smell

Although a strange smell emanating from a refrigerator indicates spoiling food, it can also indicate a technical problem. If you ensure that your refrigerator is free from any spoiled or spoiling food and the smell is persisting, you should consult a service technician to look into the problem.

Always be sure to get the above fridge issues checked out ASAP, for peace of mind, but note that for your equipment to perform reliably for many years, you should consider investing in preventive maintenance.

Contact Brooktech Maintenance to chat with our team – our technicians are highly qualified and offer fast and reliable services to help your refrigeration get back to normal working order.



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