Key risks of not maintaining equipment

What are the risks of not investing in planned preventative maintenance?

Planned maintenance is a great way of protecting your business going forward, but to understand just what a good investment it is you need to know the kind of risks you face without it. Here are some of the key risks you might encounter without a regular examination of electrical appliances and heating installations.

1. Business downtime

Unscheduled downtime is the enemy of every business, but if you have a serious failure of a vital piece of equipment it could leave you with no other option than to close your business until it’s repaired. Even if you can stay open, your capability of providing your customers with the service they expect might be considerably reduced. This can have a powerfully negative effect on your brand image, which can be even more costly than call-out fees.

2. Property damage

When it comes to electrical appliances, your electrical system in general, and your gas/heating systems, there is a very real risk that failures could lead to property damage. The risk of fire is very real, which could be devastating to your business premises. Smoke damage and structural problems can be expensive and time consuming to rectify, to the point where it may even be cheaper and easier to simply move to new business premises altogether.

3. Employee and customer safety

Malfunctioning electrical equipment and systems can pose a serious health risk to both customers and employees. The fire risk is an obvious one, but there is also the risk of shocks to consider too. Most commercial-grade appliances are capable of delivering a shock that can be fatal. This poses a heavy potential risk on your finances, as well as your conscience, through the possibility of having to pay compensation in the event of a claim.

The affordable way to avoid these risks

Naturally you want to avoid all of these risks however possible – the easy way of doing so is by investing in a planned preventative maintenance contract from Brooktech Maintenance. We can ensure your electrical systems and installations are safe and reliable, ensuring you don’t face these risks – contact us today.



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