Why your business might benefit from an electric vehicle charging point

Why your business might benefit from an electric vehicle charging point

Electric cars are on the rise, and ownership is only expected to increase. Over the past few years, many organisations have hopped on the trend, with businesses fitting electric car charging points, and many retailers fitting a charging point into their customer parking areas. Here we discuss why your business might benefit from doing the same:

Does my business need an EV charging point?

Your need for an electric vehicle charging point will vary depending on the type of business you are running. This will also affect why you may need one, and who will benefit. For example:

• If you operate company cars, you may be looking to go electric in the future. In this case, you’ll need a charging point in place.
• You company may hire individuals that drive electric cars, for example, taxi services.
• Electric commercial fleets, for example, logistics companies, will need to accommodate for charging company-owned vehicles.
• If you’re a large office, you may have employees that drive electric cars. With 75% of electric car drivers currently being unable to charge their cars at work, this is something you may want to change. [source:]

How will my business benefit?

We guarantee that your business will benefit from installing an electric vehicle charging point, primarily because electric cars are the future, and it’s better to get ahead start in preparing for this. Plus, this is only one of many benefits:

• If you operate a retail business, your customers will stay for longer knowing they can also make use of charging points.
• You’ll keep your employees happy. They will feel like you’re making an effort to meet their needs, which will increase their motivation and commitment.
• You’ll be showing a commitment to the environment, as electric cars are much greener, potentially boosting your reputation.
• You are increasing convenience for clients, which is one of the main factors that they will take into account when deciding between utilising your services or going elsewhere.

Here at Brooktech Maintenance, we can install electric vehicle charging points. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to start seeing the benefits.


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