electrical fires and how to prevent them

4 common causes of electrical fires and how to prevent them

We all depend on electricity to keep our homes and businesses running, but with it comes the risk of electrocution and fires. Electrical fires cause serious health injuries, death, property loss, etc., and it is crucial that you learn how to avoid them.

Here are the most common causes of electrical fires and how you can prevent them

Faulty sockets/ appliances

Many electrical fires are caused by worn-out sockets and faulty receptacles that aren’t grounded properly. As your sockets get older, the wiring behind them loosens and wears out as well, increasing the potential for a fire. Faulty appliances are also known to cause many electrical fires because they draw out more power than usual. Avoid using devices with frayed cords because they transmit heat onto combustible surfaces such as floors, rugs, and curtains. Also, ensure that you repair or replace any faulty plug sockets as soon as you notice them.

Light fixtures and fittings

Light bulbs, lamps, and light fittings are another common culprit in electrical fires. Installing light bulbs with a wattage too high for your lamps can cause a fire, so ensure that you use bulbs with recommended wattage. To further reduce the risk of electrical fires, consider replacing your fluorescent and incandescent bulbs with LED lights. They produce light at a much lower temperature and are less likely to overheat.

Extension cords and electrical circuit overloads

Extension cords can be a major fire hazard. When you plug too many electronics into a single extension cord, it causes excessive power load on one socket, posing a serious risk of an electric fire. If you have extra appliances, get a certified electrician to install additional outlets instead of using extension cords.

Old appliances

Many old appliances are not up to standard when it comes to safety regulations, wattage usage, and material usage. Therefore, ensure that you regularly check cords for exposed wires and excessive heating. To prevent electrical fires caused by old and faulty appliances, ensure that you carry out regular PAT tests to help you identify faulty devices and maintain them regularly to keep your appliances in optimum condition.

To protect your business from electrical fires, contact us today. We offer LED installation, PAT testing, and planned maintenance packages that ensure your appliances are repaired before they cause any serious problems.



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