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Maximise your refrigerated storage unit’s efficiency with these tips

If you work in the catering, botanical, pharmaceutical or retail industries, a refrigerated storage unit is essential to your business operations. Unlike regular refrigerators, these units are built specifically with businesses in mind, and therefore, they offer benefits that other units don’t.

Most units also come with digital temperature monitoring and are fully portable, making them perfect for businesses looking to expand. They are usually made with non-slip stainless steel interiors that make them safe and easy to clean.

Here are a few tips on how you can increase the efficiency of your refrigerated storage unit for optimum performance

Proper organisation

Refrigerated storage containers must distribute air around the whole unit to maintain a cool and stable temperature. Packing goods too close together slows down the cooling process, restricting the amount of cool air reaching each product. Also, packing products above your unit’s capacity can result in a drop in temperature, causing them to go bad.

Choose appropriate lighting

Lights generate heat, and this can sometimes make your refrigerator storage unit to work harder than usual. Instead of using floodlights with almost 400 Watts, opt for LED lights that use an average of 150 Watts. Ensure that you turn off the lights in your unit when you are not using them to minimise energy consumption.

Clean your unit regularly

Accumulation of dust and debris in the fan and condenser hinders the optimum performance of your unit. Dirty fan blades cause the fan motor to work harder, so ensure that they are cleaned every month. Also, remember to inspect and clean the evaporator coils and condenser to help maximise the efficiency of your unit.

Monitor the temperature

Constantly monitoring your unit’s temperature will help you catch any cooling system issues before they progress into serious problems. Loose seals or gaskets can cause cooling issues, so ensure that you inspect them regularly and replace them as needed. Also, consider getting a planned maintenance package from a reliable HVAC company so that your unit is inspected and repaired regularly.

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