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How to get your business ready for spring

Winter is finally over, and the weather is getting warmer. Many of us will be giving our homes a nice spring cleaning, but ensure that you do the same to your workspace. Deep cleaning and organising your place of business every so often helps you become more productive, so here is a cleaning checklist to get you started.

Check for winter damage

This winter was frigid in the UK, so pipes, gutters, concrete floors, and windows should be given a thorough health check to identify any damages. Gaps in your windows can cause serious ventilation issues, especially if you have an air conditioning system in your building. Remember to also check the roof for snow and rain damages so that any leaks are fixed as soon as possible.

Declutter the workspace

Decluttering is a cardinal rule of spring cleaning. Begin by cleaning out your filing cabinets to get rid of any old and unnecessary paperwork. Shred all paperwork containing confidential information to protect your organisation from a data breach. If you have too much furniture, ensure that you get rid of it as well for better organisation.

Organise desks and meeting rooms

After purging what you no longer need, create a filing system to help you stay more organised and reduce clutter. Consider moving some things to a storage facility to make room for new items. When organising your desk, only keep items that you use regularly and put away the rest.

Deep cleaning the building including community spaces

Wipe down and disinfect all surfaces, including door handles, keyboards, computer screens, printers, etc. This is very important, especially now during the COVID-19 pandemic. While at it, contact your HVAC provider for a cleaning and maintenance routine on your air conditioner. During the winter season, your AC accumulates a lot of mould and mildew, so you need to clean and replace your filters and coils. Servicing your air conditioner at the beginning of spring ensures that it remains in tip-top condition for the hotter days ahead.

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