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Why your businesses boiler needs regular servicing

Servicing the boilers supplying hot water and heating to your business premises is an essential process for many reasons. While ensuring the health and safety of your building users remain at optimum, it also helps reduce annual utility bills and repair costs over time. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at why routine boiler servicing is crucial.

Detecting boiler issues early

Yearly services can help to find issues before they turn into bigger problems. When a fault is identified early, it can often be faster and more cost-effective to repair in comparison to issues left undealt with for some time. Along with saving business owners’ money on more affordable repairs and less company downtime, annual servicing can also solve issues that can lead to damaging incidents.

Running a safe site

Faulty boilers can be extremely dangerous and can lead to a wide range of hazards from building fires to gas leaks. Having your enterprise’s boiler tested each year will ensure that building users like staff, customers and visitors are never at risk. When boilers are put through their paces in a comprehensive service, Gas Safe engineers always also monitor systems for leaks.

Reducing energy use and harm to the environment

A regularly serviced boiler can operate at maximum performance. As a result, businesses can be sure that their system is burning fuel efficiently. This not only reduces the size of annual energy bills but can significantly lower an enterprise’s carbon footprint.

Boiler servicing you can count on

Whether you have domestic gas boilers on your business premises, industrial or commercial gas boilers, a gas-fired boiler or LPHW boilers and associated systems at Brooktech Maintenance, we can help. All our engineers carrying out boiler servicing are fully qualified and gas safe registered. As a result, they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and certification required to perform all elements of boiler servicing, repairs, and installations.

Regular servicing can identify faults early before they become dangerous or escalate into more expensive situations involving boiler replacement and disruptive downtime. If your operation requires regular boiler maintenance, get in touch with our dedicated team today to discuss the options available.

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