Why should British businesses upgrade to LED lighting?

Why should British businesses upgrade to LED lighting?

Lighting currently uses approximately 20% of all electricity generated across Britain. Many of the lighting systems now in use, however, rely on inefficient lighting sources, providing significant opportunities for energy savings.

To lower operating costs and improve their bottom line, UK firms must be aware of energy-efficient lighting like Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). Thanks to the development in lighting technology, LED luminaries are no longer disruptive or expensive to install. Read on to explore the major benefits of upgrading your onsite lighting solution.

Saving businesses energy and money

The Government’s Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy states that using a LED solution can provide a 70% energy saving in comparison to using an older fluorescent system. Consequently, companies can experience far lower utility bills.

LED lighting also lasts far longer than fluorescent bulbs. As a result, firms can enjoy and greater return on their investment as well as significant savings on maintenance costs. Further savings can be made by adding automatic lighting controls. Fitted with sensors, luminaries only activate when areas are in use and require lighting.

Improving green credentials

Firms looking to lower their carbon footprint will find LED an eco-friendlier solution. LEDs contain no toxic materials like mercury and harmful gases, nor breakable glass. They produce considerably less carbon dioxide compared to standard bulbs and emit no UV rays. This makes them a more attractive company to those that consider sustainability a factor in where they choose to shop or do business with.

Easy on the eyes

LED lighting can create a more pleasant and productive operating environment for employees. Glare-free LED luminaries offer the closest option to natural light. As a result, LEDs can reduce eyestrain and improve the concentration levels of staff. You can also choose LED lighting in a variety of colours, meaning it’s quick and easy to tailor lighting to your brand house style if you want to.

A comprehensive LED lighting service at your fingertips

If you’re looking for effective ways to cut back your company’s carbon footprint while saving money on energy bills, upgrading your lighting with the latest LED technology is a smart move. Our competent and qualified electrical engineers can both design and install a full lighting overhaul at your commercial or industrial site.

We’ll ensure that all your traditional bulbs are retired, with new environmentally-friendly LEDs fitted instead.

To update your lighting and reap the benefits, contact our dedicated team today to for a free no-obligation quote.

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