Planned electrical maintenance

Why is proactive electrical maintenance beneficial?

Electrical maintenance is required to ensure that essential systems are operating safely and effectively. Property owners rely on electricity for numerous reasons. It commonly supplies heat, light, and power to technology, but also runs fire prevention and security equipment.

If systems are not properly maintained, properties and those who live or work in them are put at risk. When premises are used for business and a system fails, it can also disrupt productivity.

There are two types of electrical maintenance, reactive and proactive. While reactive maintenance may sometimes be necessary, taking a proactive approach is always a wise move.

What does reactive electrical maintenance involve?

Reactive maintenance is necessary to fix a problem after a system fails. When electrical systems are not regularly tested and checked, companies are unaware that a part of their system needs replacing until it stops working.

An electrician must be called out, often at emergency prices. Unprepared for the failure and subsequent unavailability of electrical powers, incidents can cause considerable disruption.

Why is proactive maintenance a better option?

Proactive maintenance, also known as preventative or planned maintenance, is performed before an issue arises. Electrical systems are regularly checked and tested by qualified electricians. If they encounter any damaged components or outdated parts, they can report and resolve them before they become a larger and more expensive problem to fix.

Scheduled in, this type of maintenance causes minimal disruption to operations. It can even be carried out at a time when a building is not used, like a weekend or out of office hours. Planned in, the cost of any work can be spread out, making it far more affordable than taking a reactive approach to maintenance.

With a plan in place, building owners can also ensure they are compliant with health and safety regulations with documented proof that their essential systems have been professionally inspected.

Expert electrical services to suit your needs

At Brooktech Maintenance our qualified contractors are fully certified to complete an extensive range of electrical services. Whether you need reactive maintenance in an emergency or are looking to set up a proactive maintenance plan, you can count on our expert team. Get in touch with us today for advice and a free quote.

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