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Why are companies installing electric vehicle charging points?

Across the UK, many people now choose to use electric vehicles (EVs) instead of those powered by petrol or diesel. With the country set to host COP26 at the end of the October 2021 to discuss climate change and the UK Government’s goal to reach net-zero carbon emissions in 2050, more businesses are also joining the green agenda.

Setting up the appropriate infrastructure to support using EVs is essential. To replenish vehicle batteries, companies must install EV charge points at their premises. Firms seeking to go electric with company cars and fleet vehicles can take pride in taking a considerate approach to climate change. However, there are numerous advantages they can enjoy when making the progressive choice.

Prepared for Electronic Vehicle change

Research conducted by the AA found that UK drivers believe that EVs will outnumber diesel-powered cars on roads by 2030. Academics suggest that by this time, seven of every ten vehicles will be full-electric. The UK Government also plans to put firms with fleets under further pressure to go green.

Firms have just nine years to get organised and alter how their fleets are powered. By installing EV charge-points now, companies are getting ahead of their competition and future-proofing their operations.

Provisions for customers and clients driving EVs

With more UK citizens driving EVs, companies offer EV charging onsite to build goodwill with their customer base. It is becoming increasingly common for retail enterprises to offer free EV charging to those who shop in their stores.

Fewer carbon emissions, lower costs

EVs emit zero tailpipe fumes and generate less sound than cars using fossil fuels. The result is less noise pollution and no harmful emissions. By purchasing an electric fleet and installing chargers onsite, companies can reduce the size of their carbon footprint and enjoy significant savings, as full-electrical vehicles pay no emissions charges or road tax.

Professional electrical installations

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