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Why emergency lighting is a good investment for your business

Emergency and LED lighting often tend to be overlooked, but can actually be a vital asset to your business – and it is often a requirement of your insurance company, to comply with British Standards. Here we discuss some of the advantages of emergency lighting:

The investment is returned

There’s no getting around the fact that emergency lighting can be fairly pricey to install. However, you’ll make the money back, and save even more in the long-run. In some cases, your insurance premiums will be reduced, as emergency lighting means you are less at risk of theft or break-ins. You’ll also save money and time in terms of productivity. Without emergency lighting, if the main lights went out, it can affect the whole workday, but with emergency lighting, you have a backup solution.

Safety for employees

If an emergency incident did happen to take place, emergency lighting can act as a guide so your employees can evacuate the area safely. We all know what the green emergency exit signs look like – and we’re all guilty of ignoring them. In most cases, people wouldn’t know where to go if they needed to leave quickly. With emergency lighting, this issue is removed as exits can be seen clearly, no matter the type of emergency.

It uses LED lights

LED technology has numerous benefits, and most modern technology is now making use of it, including emergency lighting systems. LEDs are much more energy-efficient than the traditional alternatives and are much longer-lasting. They are also extremely quick to light up, meaning they won’t suffer from damage from being switched on and off regularly, making them ideal for emergency lighting. In general, making use of LEDs is better for the environment and a more cost-efficient option for your business.

You’ll never be left in the dark

There’s nothing worse than a lighting fault that means your whole business is left in darkness, as this will have an inevitable impact on productivity levels. If your property is in an area that suffers from regular power outages, emergency lighting could be a godsend, as your emergency lighting will be unaffected.

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