How can you make planned preventative maintenance more affordable?

How can you make planned preventative maintenance more affordable?

Investing in planned maintenance is one of the best expenditures your business can make. But if times are hard, or you have just started your business, it might seem like a lot of money for you to find. The reality, however, is that planned preventative maintenance is surprisingly affordable, as well as hugely helpful for your business.

What is planned preventative maintenance?

Planned preventative maintenance is a simple prospect – it involves regular inspection of the things your business relies on to operate. It can involve air conditioning and refrigeration installations, plumbing and water treatment, and even your gas and heating systems.

Planned maintenance will mean on a regular basis a set amount of appliances and systems will be checked for their general condition and operational efficiency. If issues are found, or they are suspected to arise in the near future, they can be corrected as soon as possible.

How do you make it more affordable for your business?

So that’s what planned maintenance is, but how can it be made more affordable for you? The first way is by breaking it down into a monthly cost. This is far more affordable than simply waiting for your equipment to break, then investing in having it repaired. You don’t need to worry about unscheduled downtime, spiralling costs, nor a failure potentially damaging other equipment.

Another consideration to make is that you can tailor your planned maintenance schedule to your tastes, budget, and requirements. You can have everything about your business checked if you value complete peace of mind, or you can have only certain things checked if you want to make it more affordable. For the best of both worlds, you can carry out the inspections on a rolling basis, so alternating things are checked bi-monthly rather than monthly. This can help take the financial pressure off, without sacrificing safety.

Contact Brooktech Maintenance today

If you would like to invest in a planned maintenance schedule and don’t want the costs to get out of hand, make sure you contact Brooktech Maintenance today. We can establish and implement a planned preventative maintenance contract tailored to your business and your budget. We cover the North West including Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire East and Tameside.



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