Fire alarm servicing

When did you last service your fire alarm system?

For your firm to remain compliant, it must perform a fire safety risk assessment. It must also regularly test its fire alarm and ensure that it is professionally serviced to make sure it can be relied upon in an emergency.

Weekly fire tests fire alarms

Since 2005, the UK’s Fire Safety Regulatory Reform Order (RRO) has stated that companies should complete weekly fire alarm tests. Each week, a designated member of staff charged with fire safety must conduct a test.

They must activate a dedicated fire alarm call point to ensure that the fire alarm sounds and that the company’s fire safety system panel has received the signal.

Every week, different call points can be tested, and data recorded for tests. The date and time must be logged, the results listed, and any actions taken. If a fault is discovered, businesses should move to repair any malfunction immediately by hiring a qualified engineer.

Fire alarm systems servicing

On top of weekly tests, enterprise fire alarm systems must be serviced regularly. BS 5839, the British Safety Standard covering fire alarm systems, advises that larger sites should conduct quarterly inspections while premises that are small to medium in size can complete services twice a year.

While weekly tests can be performed by a member of staff, fire alarm services must be completed by a certified expert. A qualified professional electrician can ensure that the fire alarm system operates correctly and can be counted on. The engineer will perform maintenance necessary and list any issues requiring remediation.

Alarm components can deteriorate and need replacing or repair over time. Skilled electricians trained have the experience and skills to fix or install new equipment. Servicing systems regularly can help save lives as technical faults are found before they have a chance to fail.

Fire alarm servicing, repairs and installations

Brooktech Maintenance offers comprehensive electrical services that include Fire alarm services and installations, in and around Greater Manchester. Our certified team can fit fire prevention systems and ensure that they operate effectively.

For professional testing, repairs, and installations contact us today for a free quotation to protect your people and property against fire.

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