facilities manager and planned maintenance

How planned electrical maintenance helps facilities managers

You might be a Facilities Manager (FM) charged with a multi or single-site operation but, either way, you’ll be responsible for making sure that all buildings operate at optimum perfectly and that their users and visitors stay secure and safe. While this usually means managing sanitation and security teams, FMs must also ensure that electrical systems remain dependable. In this blog, we’ll examine why a planned electrical maintenance schedule can assist FMs.

Keeping within budget

Often FMs must stick to strict budgets, so clearly understanding annual maintenance costs is vital. When an electrical system fails unexpectedly, reactive maintenance is required. Such ad hoc repairs can be expensive, and unaccounted for in budgets. However, with planned maintenance in place, the books can be balanced in advance, as FMs know exactly how much money will be spent from their annual allowance. Proactive maintenance is far less costly than reactive maintenance when an emergency strikes.

Heading off issues

Routine planned maintenance enables qualified electrical engineers to look over a system and ensure that all equipment is operating properly. During the process, they can identify components that are deteriorating or have become outdated and require replacement before they lead to a fault or become dangerous.

Non-disruptive maintenance

Employing a maintenance plan also means that FMs can arrange services at a time that are the least disruptive for both themselves and building users. Maintenance tests can be conducted out of hours or even at weekends. As a result, when essential systems like mains power supplies, heating and lighting are down, no business processes or workflow are impacted.

With a five-year maintenance plan, engineers can perform systems tests at intervals over the term, to minimise costs and site interruptions.

Keeping compliant

Planned electrical maintenance ensures FMs have documented proof that their site is up to code for health and safety. As a result, maintenance plans offer peace of mind, allowing FMs to know they can pass any inspection required.

Planned maintenance to suit your site

Whether you are an FM in the industrial or commercial sector within Greater Manchester, if you need preventative maintenance, you can count on Brooktech Maintenance. Contact us today to put your plan in place.

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