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What is reactive electrical maintenance?

From warehouses and factories in the industrial sector to commercial and corporate locations like shops and offices, all businesses require electricity to run. Supplying essential heat and light, electrical power also keeps onsite equipment like production machinery and devices such as desktops and laptops online. Finally, electricity also ensures safety and security solutions like fire and intruder alarms can always be counted on. As a result, every premise requires electrical maintenance.

There are different approaches to onsite electrical maintenance, and it is up to every business owner to decide which is best for them. In the following sections, we’ll look at reactive electrical maintenance, its pros and cons, and an alternative option worth considering.

Defining reactive maintenance

Reactive electrical maintenance involves waiting until an issue arises and then resolving it. Some companies consider this approach simple and cost-effective as there are no regular outgoings, no planning is involved and it is easy to comprehend. However, it can be a far more expensive option when a major system component goes awry.

Downsides or reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance can leave companies unprepared when their electric system fails. Without regular inspections, problems can grow worse over time and when a failure eventually occurs, the system can be far more expensive and take longer to repair. As a result, business operations are disrupted resulting in less productivity and profit loss.

Preventative maintenance

Planned or preventative electrical maintenance is an excellent alternative. Systems are routinely checked by certified electricians and any parts that are becoming worn or outdated are replaced before they fail and cause a serious issue. Maintenance plans promote health and safety, reduce company downtime lower costs for firms overall as repairs are smaller in scale and more affordable. Planned maintenance can also be spread out over five years and conducted out of active working hours to minimise disruption.

Planned maintenance you can trust

At Brooktech Maintenance, we can provide a comprehensive Planned Maintenance Package (PMP). Regular checks can identify issues before they become expensive problems to fix and cause a disruptive or harmful incident. To help ease cash flow, we also offer a monthly payment scheme.

Contact us today to discuss your options.

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