PAT testing

What is PAT testing and why is it important?

Portable Appliance Testing, or PAT testing for short, is an inspection or examination of electrical equipment and appliances designed to ensure they present no risk to users. PAT testing makes certain the appliances checked are completely safe and helps to avoid electrical accidents occurring in the workplace. Best practices state that PAT testing should be performed when new equipment or appliances arrive on-site and on a routine basis afterwards with concise and clear records documenting the results.

Why is PAT testing vital?

Mass-produced, electrical equipment can be manufactured with an inherent issue, develop faults or become damaged later. Additionally, over time components can deteriorate. While this might happen for several different reasons, if damage or faults are not identified, they can have serious consequences. Electrical appliances and equipment that is unsafe to use are a hazard and can cause injuries and even death.

What does a PAT test involve?

A PAT test examines electrical items and ensures they are safe for use. Tests should include a visual inspection but also an in-depth examination. Many electrical issues can be spotted during a visual examination, but some defects can only be detected when an appliance is checked with specialist equipment developed specifically for PAT testing. In-depth examinations should always include lead polarity, insulation resistance and earth continuity tests.

After a PAT test is completed, the professional electrician performing the PAT testing will recommend the appropriate course of action. As a result, an appliance tested may need repair work or replacing entirely.

PAT testing and the law

In Britain, PAT testing is not presently a legal requirement for enterprises. However, UK health and safety legislation states that every business and workplace must always maintain its onsite electrical equipment in a condition that is safe for use. Additionally, businesses owners also must ensure that members of the public, their employees and tenants are protected.

Professional electrical services at hand

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