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What is involved in commercial CCTV servicing?

Closed-circuit Television (CCTV) systems are an integral part of site security. Acting as a deterrent to unwanted visitors, they can also alert staff to security issues and capture evidence to aid in prosecutions. However, to ensure that CCTV devices can be relied on, they must be routinely serviced. Fortunately, bespoke plans are offered by professional electricians with the experience to check and test systems and ensure that they are fully functional. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at some of the steps involved in servicing a commercial CCTV system.

In-depth CCTV equipment checks

Commercial CCTV maintenance and servicing are offered for sites that use systems on different scales. Regardless of whether a premises has four cameras or eight, indoor devices or equipment based outside, the procedure remains the same. All major connections and components are inspected for signs of damage and deterioration and are put through their paces to ensure they are working properly.

All control equipment like Network video recorders (NVRs), digital video recorders (DVRs) and monitors are checked, as well as mains and power supplies. Stand-by batteries and their charging rates are also inspected.

The quality of camera recordings is checked in both night-time and daytime modes and the time and date settings on devices are also examined for accuracy. If necessary, they will be updated. If applicable, alarm and camera pre-sets will also be tested.

Physical inspections of the CCTV system

Towers, brackets and other camera mounts and fixings are inspected for damage and in outdoor placement, corrosion. All brackets and clamping bolts are tested and tightened and cameras including both their housings and lenses are cleaned. For hardwired systems, all cabling is checked for signs of damage or deterioration.

Reports and actions

At the end of an inspection, the electrical engineer will issue and full activity report. If there are faults with the system, these will be listed, and actions recommended to remediate the issues. Should the site request it, the engineer may perform repairs immediately.

Experts in CCTV installation

Whether you need a CCTV system installed onsite, or reassurance with an ongoing maintenance plan you can count on our team of qualified electrical engineers at Brooktech Maintenance. Get in touch with us today to ensure you can depend on your equipment to keep your premises protected.

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