What businesses can benefit from EV charging stations?

What businesses can benefit from EV charging stations?

Many drivers are choosing to install electric vehicle charging points at home here in the UK, but businesses too have been quick to capitalise on this beneficial option. AA statistics show that eight years from now, EVs will likely outnumber diesel-fuelled vehicles on British roads. As a result, many companies are getting prepared in advance and future-proofing their operations. In this blog, we’ll look at different types of firms that can benefit from EV charge points on site.

Office complexes

Companies running large office complexes can install charge points for staff use. According to a report from Shell, only 75% of EV drivers can power up at work, and by offering perks like charging, firms can attract outstanding employees. EV chargers can also recharge electric company cars.

Firms with a fleet

Companies that are looking to operate an all-electric commercial fleet like those in the logistics industry will need charging stations onsite to keep them running. Electric fleets offer many financial benefits from zero road tax and no congestion charge tolls. They also help firms lower their carbon footprints as EVs emit no tailpipe emissions.

Businesses that are based on drivers operating EVs that are individually owned such as taxi and chauffeur services, will also find having charging at their base beneficial. Fully charged, fleets can be ready to serve customers on short notice and avoid delays.

Hire car companies

Finally, firms leasing electrical vehicle brands such as Tesla, Nissan and Ford can use electric charge points to keep the cars they provide ready to run and be tested by or demonstrated to customers whenever required.

Professional electrical vehicle charging installations

If you would like to discuss adding electric vehicle charging points to your premises, you can look to our professional team at Brooktech Maintenance. Certified experts on EV charging, are fully trained electrical engineers who have the necessary experience and skills to install a wide range of different charge points to meet your requirement.

To ensure that your installation is operating at optimum and safe to use, it is essential that all work required is completed by a professional engineer. Contact us today for advice and a free quotation for your EV charging stations.

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