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Three types of air conditioning systems you should know about

If you are thinking of buying an air conditioning unit for your home or office, you should know a few things. There are different types of air conditioners, and they are all used in different situations. Here are the three types of AC units you should know about.

Portable Air conditioners

Mobile AC units are recommended for situations where you need cooling fast. They can only be used to cool one room at a time, but you can move them around from one room to another since they are not mounted. They are suitable for small spaces such as dorm rooms and small apartments. Portable air conditioners work by cooling air with a condenser coil inside the unit and then sending the warm air out through a large exhaust hose. They are not the most effective units, but they are definitely the cheapest.

Split systems

Split or multi-split systems have a number of AC units mounted on the wall inside the house and one unit outside. The inner and outer components of the AC are connected using copper wires and electric cables. The bulky and noisy parts of a split system are placed outside, making the inner component lighter and quieter. Split systems can also be fitted into the ceiling. Ceiling cassette air conditioners are very popular in offices with suspended ceilings because they offer better aesthetics. These HVAC systems offer more versatility and are more energy-efficient.

Duct Free systems

Ductless systems are very similar to split systems and are sometimes referred to as a mini-split system. However, instead of using ducts to distribute air, they use a fan. They have a condenser and an evaporator. The condenser is placed outside, and it pumps the system’s refrigerant through the copper line to the indoor component. The evaporator is the indoor unit, and it has a fan in the room being cooled. When the fan is turned on, it helps the indoor coil absorb heat from the air while it distributes the cool air.

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