4 factors to consider when choosing an air conditioner

4 factors to consider when choosing an air conditioner

In many countries, an air conditioning unit is more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Air cons are still pretty new in the UK because of our relatively mild temperatures, but more and more people are starting to appreciate the numerous benefits they offer. If you are thinking of installing an air conditioning unit in your home, here are a few things you should consider.

Size of your house/room

The size of a room greatly affects the effectiveness of your air conditioner. Therefore, you must find the right aircon to match your room’s size. Other than the size, you also have to consider what the space is used for and the number of appliances that create extra heat. For example, the kitchen will require more powerful air conditioning compared to the living room.

Type of air conditioner

There are three types of air conditioners in the market. Ultimately, they all deliver the same results, but they vary in terms of energy efficiency and effectiveness. If you live in a small apartment such as a studio, a portable unit would be perfect for you. However, if you live in a big house with several rooms, you might need a split system.

Cost of an air conditioning system

When it comes to air conditioners, you must consider the buying cost and running cost. The buying cost depends on the efficiencies and requirements of the unit. You can get a unit for as low as £200 depending on your budget; that being said, you must also factor in the cost of running an air conditioner given the rising cost of power. Always go for the unit with the highest energy label tick rating.

Installment and maintenance services

All air conditioners require professional installation except the portable units. They also need regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure that they stay in tip-top condition. AC units accumulate dust and dirt that clog filters and reduce their effectiveness. To ensure that you always keep up with your AC’s maintenance, we recommend our planned maintenance package.

For any assistance choosing an air conditioner unit for your home, contact us today, and talk to our experts.

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