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The importance of keeping unvented water heater systems serviced regularly

Large numbers of unvented water systems are not routinely serviced, despite the benefits that annual inspections and maintenance bring. The cost of getting such a system serviced is not expensive, yet many mistakenly rely on manufacturer warranties that may already have become invalidated.

Many manufacturers offer long warranties on their cylinders, often 10 to 15 years, and lifetime cover is not uncommon. However, that does not mean that an unvented water system will happily run trouble-free for years.

A planned servicing schedule doesn’t require much in the way of planning either. Following installation and handover, booking next year’s service at the same time and so on through an annual cycle is simple enough.

The benefits of servicing unvented water systems

Many manufacturers do require that a cylinder is serviced every year from the first year after installation. The benefits, though obvious, are often ignored.

Regular servicing:

  • Means the warranty continues to be valid
  • Picks up early warnings that something is amiss with the system
  • Ensures any filters are clean which contributes to efficient running
  • Maintains water temperatures within safe limits
  • Prevents safety issues such as ensuring the water is sterilised during use

Fundamentally, an unvented water cylinder is a pressurised metal container that heats water to very high temperatures. If one of the main safety systems were to fail, the system can become very dangerous. An annual inspection and planned maintenance will ensure that the cylinder does not become an explosion hazard.

What is involved in an annual servicing of an unvented water cylinder?

Compared with some heating and water systems, an annual service of an unvented water cylinder is not overly complex or time-consuming. A visual inspection and mechanical testing of the cylinder and associated systems will be performed. This will include a check of the pressure relief valve and the temperature relief valve. Both of these must be in good working order for an unvented cylinder to perform safely.

A qualified plumber will perform several other checks to ensure the soundness of the system and that there is no damage that could lead to problems in the future. There is no defined annual replacement of parts during an unvented water cylinder service the way that there is other with other boilers.

At Brooktech, our team of experienced and qualified engineers can help homeowners and landlords maintain the efficiency and safety of unvented water cylinder systems to prevent costly surprises, or worse, a dangerous failure. Get in touch for more information.

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