What's the difference between smoke detectors or fire alarms

Is there a difference between a smoke detector and a fire alarm?

Along with powering onsite technology, lighting and heating systems, electricity is also required for fire and security alarms to operate effectively. Both fire alarm systems and individual smoke detectors can be installed to ensure if a fire breaks out, the correct action can be taken.

Detection devices and alarms provide customers and staff with alerts and enough time to make an exit or put out a small blaze, providing it won’t endanger them to do so. Alarms can also be hardwired to contact local fire brigades ensuring a swift response.

While they are both classed as fire safety equipment, smoke detectors and fire alarms are not the same. In the following sections we’ll examine this equipment in detail and explain the differences.

Smoke detectors and fire alarms – what’s the difference?

While a smoke detector is capable of sensing smoke and sounding an alarm within a specific area containing fumes, fire alarms are activated by smoke detectors and sound a widespread alarm that will be heard across the entirety of a building or site.

Although smaller structures may only need a single smoke detector fitted, more expansive sites may require a comprehensive fire alarm system to adequately warn all present on the premises of an incident involving fire.

Why is a professional installation paramount?

Enterprise-grade smoke detectors and fire alarms both demand correct installation, conducted by a professional electrical contractor.

Smoke detectors can run on battery power, but this can present a significant risk to property and people. Should battery connections become loose, or cells be depleted, users may be unaware that detectors aren’t working when they’re needed most. For optimum dependability, the best practice is for detectors to be wired into the electrical mains instead.

Fire alarms should be electrically connected to every onsite detector. If this work is carried out incorrectly, although smoke detectors are sensing fumes present, the alarm system will not receive a signal, allowing fires to spread.

Experts in fire safety installations

If you require fire alarms fitted you can count on our team of certified NSI-approved electrical engineers here at Brooktech Maintenance. Contact us today for advice on the best fire safety solutions to suit your building.

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