Heat waves in the uk and air conditioning installation

Is air con becoming essential in the UK?

The UK isn’t usually known for its heat. In fact, we’re usually much more accustomed to rain here. However, after the recent heatwave which left us all scrambling for ice trays and fighting for fans, maybe it’s time we turned to a longer-term solution to the heat which is likely to keep coming back.

Air con in the UK

The amount of homes in the UK with air con installed is shockingly low, especially when compared to countries like the US, and when it comes to the rising temperatures found across England, it seems like we should be scrambling to catch up.

Whether it’s in homes or in businesses, it can be greatly beneficial to install air conditioning in order to battle sweltering weather which can leave anyone feeling wiped out and exhausted.

Benefits of air conditioning

With more and more people working at home over lockdown and then ensuing return to offices, it’s important to make sure that working spaces are comfortable and conducive to working conditions. Air conditioning units are a pivotal part of this as the temperature can be one of the strongest factors in any employee’s productivity.

While it is easy enough to throw on a jumper if it gets cool, the humid and headache-inducing heat can be much harder to combat and simply opening the window isn’t going to cut it with recent soaring temperatures. So it seems that as the sun continues to burn down on the UK, air con is definitely going to find a home here.

How to get air con installed

For such a useful tool, it’s incredibly easy and surprisingly cheap to install air con but prices do depend on your property and requirements so it pays to get a few quotes from reputable suppliers.
At Brooktech LTD, we offer installation by accredited engineers and seven-day repair plans which means you’ll never be left struggling. This is just one of the many services we offer so make sure not to spend another moment putting up with problems we are more than happy to help with. Contact us for a quote today and get rid of your temperature problems in time for the next heat wave.

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