PAT testing small electrical items

Best practices for on-site PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is an important inspection performed on electrical appliances and equipment designed to make sure that they don’t pose a health and safety risk. PAT testing ensures they are checked and safe to use, helping avoid electricity-related accidents happening in the workplace. PAT testing best practices advise that checks should be conducted when any new appliances or equipment turn up on-site, but also regularly going forwards. Furthermore, PAT testing results must always be documented to prove that best practices have been observed.

What makes PAT testing essential?

Electrical items are mass-produced, and as a result, sometimes get past quality control with faulty components. Additionally, the equipment can develop issues or incur damage later during transit use, or when parts deteriorate over time. If faults or damage fail to be identified before use, they can result in dire consequences. Unsafe equipment and appliances running on electricity is a serious hazard that can lead to injuries and sometimes death.

PAT testing protocols

A PAT test involves comprehensively checking an electrical item and ensuring it is safe for users. First, equipment is given a visual inspection, followed by a more in-depth examination. Visual inspections can unearth multiple electrical issues, but there are some defects only identifiable through checking appliances with specialist equipment engineered for PAT testing specifically. In-depth examinations must always include three important checks. These tests are for earth continuity lead polarity and insulation resistance.

When a PAT test is performed, the qualified electrician conducting the examination will recommend the correct course of action once complete. As a result, an item of equipment may require repairs or a brand-new replacement.

Legislation for PAT

While PAT testing is not legally required currently, UK legislation for health and safety states that all enterprises must maintain the electrical equipment they use on-site in a safe condition for use. Furthermore, enterprise owners also must make certain that tenants, members of the public, and their staff always remain protected.

Expert electrical services for your firm

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