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Why you should service your boiler now

Why service your commercial boiler?

With lockdown restrictions easing, now’s the perfect time to get the boiler,  in your business premises, service done. It’s expected that within the next couple of months workers will be returning to the workplace and with winter around the corner, a boiler service is imperative to ensure you hit the ground running when the temperature starts to dip. The last thing you want to hear is a loud clunk followed by the sound of silence the next time you turn your boiler on.

Preempt the problems

Servicing a regularly used boiler is more than just a set of regulations you have to meet to remain compliant with the law. A boiler service can actually preempt a problem from occurring. By having an expert look at the inner workings of your boiler, an engineer can spot and address a problem before it develops into something major, resulting in you changing a part, rather than the headache of a full boiler replacement.

Be more energy efficient

Your engineer has to carry out efficiency checks as part of every service, which over time can save you money. This is dependent on the make and model of course, but ensuring that all your components are working correctly and in the best possible condition will not only make your boiler more energy efficient but will keep it running for longer.

Staying safe

Safety in the workplace is paramount these days and by getting your boiler serviced you are helping to meet any legal requirements of Health and Safety Law and any Insurance policies that you have. A boiler service gives you the peace of mind that neither yourself nor your workforce is at risk due to faulty parts.

Schedule an engineer

A once-yearly boiler service will keep your business ticking in the winter months and by getting it done in the summer, you’ll be better prepared as engineer’s are less busy, you’re less reliant on your boiler and prices may be lower due to decreased demand. Booking in a yearly recurring boiler service for your business may turn out to be an unexpected cost-saving measure and will certainly give you peace of mind throughout the year.
Contact Brooktech Maintenance to get a quote for getting your boiler serviced, we can also suggest a planned maintenance subscription so you don’t have to remember when it’s time for the next one.



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