Why use CCTV

Why would landlords use CCTV?

There’s a massive debate where CCTV and landlords are concerned; some consider it to be an invasion of privacy, whereas others feel that it is wholly necessary. Whilst a landlord can’t place cameras inside a property, it’s not uncommon for CCTV to be placed inside communal areas, especially in blocks of flats, for example. Some landlords may be considering the benefits of having such cameras installed, so our expert team at Brooktech Maintenance have put together this blog post.

Check that tenants aren’t illegally subletting your property

One major advantage of having CCTV in a communal area of a flat block, for example, is to ensure that tenants aren’t illegally subletting their properties. By putting up cameras in the general hallway areas, you can keep an eye on the tenants you feel may be engaging in this, and take a note of who comes and goes – whether it’s the tenant you’re renting the property out to, or somebody else. However, you must be careful not to invade their privacy, so don’t place cameras directly pointed at people’s doors. They should capture generalised hallway areas instead.

Crack down on theft

Unfortunately, theft is not uncommon, especially in sky-rises. To crack down on some of these cases, landlords can install CCTV cameras in the hallways and/or entrances of their buildings. These are communal areas, so again, cameras here shouldn’t invade on tenants’ privacy. If there are any reports of theft, you can use the footage to help track down the individual or group who committed the crime. CCTV can also act as a physical deterrent, potential encouraging thieves to try elsewhere.

Crack down on cases of property destruction

If there have been any reports of property destruction in communal areas, CCTV may be the only way in which you can catch the culprits red-handed and recoup payment for some of the damages caused. This could also set a precedent and deter any other acts of vandalism in the future.

For more information on why a landlord should have CCTV installed, or to arrange a consultation for more advice, contact Brooktech Maintenance today.

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