LED lighting for businesses

Why UK firms should consider an LED lighting installation

Out of the total amount of electricity generated in the UK, around 20 per cent is used to power lighting. However, the lighting systems often in use, do not always employ the most efficient lighting solutions, offering the opportunity to make substantial savings on energy bills.

To decrease running costs and ensure the rising prices of energy don’t eat into their profits, British businesses should consider more energy-efficient lighting sources like Light Emitting Diodes – or LEDs for short. While once a specialised and costly option, technological advances have made LED solutions easier and less pricey to implement. In this blog, we’ll explore why UK firms should opt for this cutting-edge option to illuminate their sites.

Significant savings for businesses

According to figures from UK government studies, using LED lighting can offer energy savings of up to 70 per cent compared to using a fluorescent solution. Lower consumption means smaller utility bills, saving costs for companies.

LEDs have extended lifespans compared to fluorescents. Consequently, bulb change intervals are longer allowing firms to enjoy lower maintenance costs and equitable use from their investment in modern lighting. Even greater savings are possible when smart systems are fitted with automatic lighting controls. Smart sensors activate luminaries only when workspaces are being used, reducing waste.

Improving productivity and staff care

LED-powered light produces working conditions akin to natural light. The glare-free environment that they create can make staff more comfortable, reducing any strain on their eyes and improving the quality of their work.

Improving green credentials towards net-zero

Finally, firms will find that using LED lighting can improve their green credentials. Non-toxic and low carbon, LEDs are a far more environmentally friendly option.

LED lighting services for your firm

To decrease the size of your firm’s carbon footprint and annual utility bills, update your on-site lighting with a smart LED installation now. Our expert electrical engineers can be relied upon to design and fit a complete lighting overhaul at your site whether you work in the industrial or commercial sector.

To improve your lighting and access the benefits of LED technology, get in touch today for a free quotation.

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