high costs of refrigeration and air conditioning

When low-cost commercial refrigeration units make little sense for operators

With business costs soaring and margins squeezed like never before, operators with multiple air conditioning and refrigeration units running 24/7 are increasingly inclined to factor price more heavily into contracting decisions. The results may be more costly than you imagine though.

When value engineering actually delivers little value

The principle of ‘value engineering’ proliferate throughout many industries. The definition is a sound one – improving the value of a product or service to improve its function and reduce cost. Too often though, the focus is shifted to cost reduction rather than increased functionality.

In terms of commercial refrigeration and industrial heating systems, a heavy slant to low initial purchase prices is often a false economy. Too often it will have a negative impact on energy efficiency and total lifetime cost.

Recognise multiple factors in commercial refrigeration buying decisions

Commercial refrigeration buying decisions can rarely be based on purchase price alone. Even saving tens of thousands of pounds initially by opting for lower specification units can be significantly wiped out over the medium to longer term.

Ever-increasing energy prices mean that additional running costs are ever more impactful. Cheaper products might appear to operate just as well as their higher-priced alternatives and may even look the same. However, there are significant variations in manufacturing methods, materials used, energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

Those with responsibility for purchasing commercial refrigeration units must start by analysing all data available for each model under consideration. That helps to make informed decisions on total life costs.

Other factors often overlooked include after-sales benefits. These are not only those offered directly by the manufacturer such as warranties and the cost of parts but also those that can be gained from third-party commercial refrigeration engineers.

This might include the potential cost and efficiency of servicing units, the availability of replacement components and being able to call on local experts rather than suffering downtime caused by sourcing maintenance and servicing teams from far afield.

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