Tips to increase your air conditioning's lifespan

Tips to increase your air conditioning’s lifespan

Having an AC unit is a great investment for your workplace to keep your staff feeling cool and working at their best throughout the day. However, just like any other machine, an AC system requires regular maintenance if it’s going to last for years to come. Keeping up with these tips will help ensure that you get the most out of your air conditioner’s lifespan – and saves you money on repairs along the way!

How long should an AC unit last?

The average lifespan of any AC unit is between 15 to 20 years. However, this can be affected by a number of factors such as how often it is serviced and cleaned.

Get regular services

To make sure that everything is working how it should be in the AC unit, it’s important to get it regularly serviced. This includes cleaning the device’s internal workings, such as the pipework and filters, to ensure that the system is always running at maximum efficiency.

Highlighting any faults in the system early and acting on the repairs as soon as issues arise can help extend the system’s lifespan and decrease energy consumption.

Clean the filter

Something you can do yourself to help maintain your AC unit is regularly cleaning the filter. Since the purpose of the filter is to keep dirt out of the system and prevent it from entering the air ducts, if the filter becomes clogged, it can cause damage to your system by restricting airflow.

To clean the filter yourself, remove it from the housing and wash each side thoroughly in warm water, using mild detergent soap to get rid of any dirt.

Turn off the AC when it’s not needed

During the summer, it’s tempting to leave the air conditioning on all day long to keep your office cool. However, this can cost a lot of money in energy costs, not to mention that it will wear out the unit faster, decreasing its lifespan.

Make sure to turn the AC off when you are away from the office, such as in the evenings and at weekends, to give it some time to regenerate before being turned back on again.

If you have any questions about your AC unit or require a service, contact us today at Brooktech Maintenance.

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