Winter pipe maintenance

Three common commercial plumbing problems in winter

The winter months can cause many troubles for commercial businesses due to seasonal plumbing issues. These problems can be a considerable pain for businesses that rely on refrigeration or heating solutions to operate.

As experts in commercial plumbing, Brooktech is here to help you. Here are three common plumbing problems experienced by businesses in winter.

1. Frozen pipes

Britain is no stranger to below-average temperatures when it comes to the winter months. However, these temperatures can be detrimental to your pipes – causing them to freeze up. Frozen pipes can expand under pressure and eventually burst if left unattended.

Therefore, the first thing you should do if you experience frozen pipes is turn off the main water supply. This will prevent pressure from building up and reduce the possibility of further damages.

You then need to contact a plumber straight away. Never try and navigate pipes without a professional, especially for commercial businesses.

2. Poor heating

Despite witnessing temperamental weather even throughout the summer months, many businesses usually try and save on utility bills in the winter by keeping heating systems inactive. This is especially the case where heating systems are on a timer.

When boilers have been inactive for a long period of time, this can put a strain on them when it comes to heating large spaces. This makes them prone to breakdowns or incompetent performance levels.

Unfortunately for businesses – especially those that work in a customer-facing environment or in offices – poor heating systems can have a detrimental impact on business or productivity levels. Make sure to check your boiler pressure before contacting a boiler service.

3. Outdoor drain damage

Where drains are left exposed to the elements in the winter months, debris and harsh weather conditions can cause extreme damage. This is especially the case if you have plastic surface drains on the outside of your building.

It’s important that you maintain your drains regularly by hiring a professional. By removing yard debris and leaves on a routine basis, you can prevent your drains from clogging.

Unfortunately, all businesses are prone to more plumbing and heating problems throughout the winter months. However, with our fast and efficient services, you can prevent problems from incurring further costs.

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