The predicted 2022 trends for sanitary ware

It can raise a few eyebrows to discuss trends in sanitary ware; toilets, cisterns and washbasins aren’t exactly at the forefront of interior design vogue. But, we all use them every day – not to mention notice them every time we enter a washroom.

In fact, sanitary ware and sanitation itself have probably never received so much attention as they have during the Covid-19 pandemic. What’s in your toilets, shower facilities and restrooms – and the state of them – says a lot about your organisation’s approach to hygiene.

So will 2022 be the year when our ever-trusty white ceramic sanitary ware is flushed down the drain? Probably not, but there are some interesting trends out there if you’re considering an upgrade to your washroom.

Coloured sanitary ware

It’s coming up for a half-century since coloured sanitary ware was last fully on-trend. Sickly yellows, pale peaches and in your face oranges seemed to reflect more what was going down the drain in the 1970s than being based on good taste. Since then, white the very colour of cleanliness, has been the go-to for bathroom designers. But colour is making a comeback and it can make a splash visually. Toilets and sinks in company colours may be a step too far for some, but subtle shades can add a touch of class.

Blues, bronzes and black

To approach colour with caution still remains the top piece of advice. Washroom fittings are often the last thing to be stripped during refurb cycles, and bold hues do date quickly. However, blue is now seen as a cool alternative to white, as are statement shades such as dark bronzes, grey and even black. Consider theses shades for your sanitary ware if you want your restrooms to make a lasting impression.

Touch-less and eco sanitary ware sure is here to stay

The pandemic has taught all of us to touch everything with caution – especially in the bathroom – forever. Remote flushes, automatic taps, touch-less driers, toilets with inbuilt air purifiers, even infrared loo roll dispensers, are here to stay. Wooden wash basin surrounds and faucet handles can eventually be recycled more easily than plastic and reclaimed sanitary ware offers a retro, authentic feel while underlining your sustainability credentials.

Suspend your bathroom beliefs

Wall-mounted sanitary ware is firmly here to stay. It will be impossible to reconfigure a bathroom now and in the future without cleanliness being the number one consideration. Suspended toilet bowls and cisterns contained within the wall are a lot easier to clean around than floor-mounted ones. They also look sleek and effectively create a feeling of more space for smaller rooms. Advances in fixings, frames and flush systems have made wall-mounted sanitary ware easier to install than ever.

Pondering a washroom refit this year? Keen to explore modernising the bathrooms in your premises? Get in touch with our plumbing experts and project teams to discuss your plans.

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