electrical issues which can cause fires

Tell tale signs that your business facility needs urgent electrical repairs

There are several surefire signs that indicate a business premises may require immediate electrical repairs. Faulty wiring and other common electrical problems can pose a threat to your staff, visitors and the business itself.

Electrical problems are one of the most common causes of fire in commercial properties. If a fire starts, everyone in the building – and the building itself – will be in immediate danger. If a fire renders the building unusable for any length of time, the financial repercussions can be significant.

There are a number of warning signs that commercial premises could have electrical problems which heighten the risk of fire. Here are the main ones to look out for and build into your own inspection regimes and risk assessments.

There is a smell of burning

A sure indication of fire is the smell of burning. It does not necessarily mean that something is ablaze. It could be coming from the kitchen, from outside or be entirely explainable – but if you can’t find the source of the smell, then turn off the electricity straightaway before further investigations take place.

You notice sparks

Sparks coming from electrical equipment, power outlets, a fuse box or breaker panel are never normal. If they are coming from equipment then it is more likely to be an issue with the item itself than the building’s electrical systems. This scenario will require an appliance repair professional and PAT testing. If sparks are coming from anywhere else in the electrical infrastructure then an electrician needs to be called immediately.

The lights are flickering

If multiple lights are flickering within a building then this is a sign of a significant issue somewhere and a qualified electrician should be called. If it is just one light source that is flickering it need not indicate a major issue and can probably be fixed internally if it is clear that the problem is something like a faulty bulb or loose plug.

The circuit breaker keeps tripping

A circuit breaker that regularly trips is an indication of a wider issue in the building, often that something somewhere is overheating. This increases the risk of fire. Take it as a warning sign and call in an electrical professional.

You can hear a buzzing sound

A buzzing sound emitted from anywhere in an electrical system could be an indication of a number of faults. Assuming that you can’t identify that the noise is coming from something else, call in an electrician.

Electrical outlets are hot or charred

Outlets should never feel hot to the touch and signs of charring are never a good thing. Unplug everything straight away and call in a professional.

What to do next if you suspect an electrical problem

Electricity and electrical systems understandably make people nervous – and with good reason. If you are in any doubt or should you identify a potential problem then call in a professional. If you are concerned about any appliance, outlet or wiring system, again, contact an electrician.

Brooktech’s qualified electricians are experienced in working with electrical systems in commercial properties. Get in touch today should you suspect you have a problem and for proactive electrical maintenance plans that will negate the risk of issues before they develop.

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