Refrigeration maintenance in the micro-market

Refrigeration maintenance in the micro-market

What is a micro-market?

For many years, organisations have installed vending machines to provide employees with snacking options during the day. Traditionally, the food on offer has been unhealthy and limited – typically, chocolate, sweets and crisps.

A micro market is more than merely a large vending machine and they are increasingly popular in the workplaces of the UK. Essentially it is a convenience store offering self-serve, healthy and fresh food and drink. They offer staff access to fast, convenient and fresh food and drinks with flexible, contactless payment options.

A micro market can be set up to provide chilled meals, snacks, coffee, and other retail options.

As well as being an increasingly popular and versatile solution in workplaces, micro markets are becoming ever more common in the consumer environment, particularly in places that serve customers “on the go”, for example, in hospitals, airports, motorway service stations and retail spaces.

The importance of planned maintenance in the micro-market

Refrigeration maintenance in a micro-market directly impacts food safety; a lack of maintenance also increases costs by affecting cooling and energy efficiency.

Planned maintenance of any refrigeration equipment has never been so essential. Sanitation and infection control remains paramount in everyone’s mind. Incurring potential food safety violations can be costly and impact reputation.

What can business owners and facility managers do to help?

Routine service calls can help keep the equipment running in an optimum, safe and efficient manner and keep costs down. It would be best to implement in-house inspection, cleaning and maintenance routines to ensure refrigeration units are kept clean and running as they should.

Ensure high-touch areas are wiped down regularly, and you should carry out a deep clean of commercial refrigeration units every month. You should implement inspection regimes to identify the damage, such as gaps and tears in seals. Monitor temperatures regularly to ensure food is kept within its defined healthy range.

Unattended retail units have opened up a whole new world of food and drink options “on the go” for staff in the workplace or for customers out in the wider world.

Don’t leave yourself open to the risk of food safety concerns, hygiene issues or costly energy and repair bills by inspecting refrigeration equipment regularly and implementing a planned maintenance programme.

Contact Brooktech today to find out how we help lots of business do just that with our maintenance plans.

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