Start-up business planned preventative maintenance

Is planned preventative maintenance a good investment for newly started businesses?

If you have recently started your business, costs are at the forefront of your mind. Costs are always a consideration for any business, of course, but while you’re just starting up you want to make sure every investment you make can offer you the maximum returns possible.

That’s why investing in planned maintenance as soon as you can makes sense.

What is planned maintenance?

Planned maintenance is an ongoing campaign of preventative maintenance, servicing, and examination of the things that keep your business running. It can be tailored to your requirements but can cover everything including complete electrical systems, gas and heating systems, and your plumbing/ water treatment processing. It can be a completely bespoke plan suited to your business.

Why is it such a good idea?

As a new business one of your key enemies is downtime. If your business can’t stay open when it should, you run the risk of losing customers and potentially damaging your budding reputation. Customers expect a business to be open and available to satisfy their requirements – if you can’t do that because your heating, electrical, or plumbing systems need repair or your white goods need service, it can be costly.

Then there’s the fact that it’s almost always much more affordable and time-efficient to repair issues before they become serious. So rather than waiting for a piece of equipment to fail or a problem to present itself in one of your core systems, regular servicing and maintenance can be much more affordable.

It puts the control back in your hands. Rather than waiting for a problem to arise and be potentially expensive and damaging, you’re able to schedule it in advance. If an issue needs to be rectified, you can schedule it to be done in your business downtime and for a much more affordable price.

A wise investment for your start-up business

Planned preventative maintenance can keep your new business operational and ensure your systems and equipment are reliable while you continue to build your brand. Contact Brooktech Maintenance today to learn more about what your planned preventative maintenance package could look like.

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