Gas or Oil Heat

Is Gas or Oil Heat More Expensive?

In the UK, gas and oil are both popular choices for heating homes. However, they are not equal when it comes to cost. The energy crisis has caused energy prices to skyrocket, so the question of which fuel type is the most expensive has become more important than ever. To make an informed decision on which heating system to use, it is important to understand the differences between gas and oil heating and the associated costs. So in this article, we’ll find out if gas or oil heat is more expensive, as well as a few other considerations.

Cost of Installation

The initial cost of installing a gas heating system is usually higher than that of an oil heating system. This is due to the need for additional infrastructure such as gas pipes and metres. However, the cost of installation can be offset by the lower running costs of gas compared to oil in the long run.

Running Costs

Gas is cheaper to run than oil, making it a more cost-effective choice for heating a home. Oil heating systems require an oil tank to be installed, which can be an additional cost. In addition, oil prices are subject to fluctuation and may be more expensive than gas. So if you’re a consistent energy user, gas is often the cheapest option.


Gas heating systems are generally more efficient than oil heating systems. This is because gas is a cleaner burning fuel than oil, meaning that more of the energy is converted into heat, rather than wasted. This makes gas heating more cost-effective over an extended period.

Environmental Impact

Gas is a cleaner burning fuel than oil, so it produces fewer emissions when burned. This makes it a more environmentally friendly choice for heating a home. So in terms of eco-friendliness, opting for gas instead of oil is a wise decision.


When it comes to heating a home in the UK, gas is usually the more cost-effective choice. It is cheaper to run, more efficient and produces fewer emissions than oil. However, the initial cost of installation may be higher. Ultimately, the decision of which heating system to use should come down to cost and personal preference. If you are worried about energy efficiency contact us today.

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