How to prepare your air conditioning system for winter

Seasonal changes impose different demands on your air conditioning system, which calls for early preparation to keep it operating optimally, minimise costs, and reduce instances of breakdowns. This article looks at how to prepare your system for winter.

Does winter affect air-conditioners?

While it is generally cold and rainy all year, weather patterns have changed, and we are experiencing extreme weather fluctuations. As such, the summer heat introduced new challenges and operating environments for your air conditioning system, necessitating you to take a different approach this year in preparing for winter. Here are some tips to help you along.

Check your filters

Air conditioning system filters are often overlooked, especially as the weather changes. Dust and dirt build-up in the filters makes them less efficient, which can cause many problems during winter, especially with the moisture build-up. Therefore, check whether they need cleaning or replacement.

Check the condensate drains

The heating element and pipes will work more in winter than in other seasons, which needs extra attention. The system will produce more condensation than usual, which could clog the drain pipes. Therefore, ensure they are clear to minimize damage or inefficient working on the system.

Check the insulation

The system’s copper pipes are usually insulated with foam, which may be missing in certain sections due to wear and tear or accidents. You need to confirm that no such gaps exist to protect the copper underneath from the harsh winter temperatures. Insulation keeps the overall system performing optimally, and such gaps hinder such performance.

Cover the air conditioning unit

If your location experiences particularly harsh winter weather, you may have to cover all air conditioning components installed outside your house. You’d rather turn off the system and rely on some other form of heating than have it run under terrible conditions. Whatever savings you aim for will immediately be wiped off with a huge repair or replacement bill.

Talk to the experts

A professional analysis of your air conditioning units right before the winter weather properly sets in is ideal for identifying areas that need the most attention. An experienced air conditioning and refrigeration services provider will let you know what you need to do to keep the system free of damage and working well on demand.

Help caring for your air conditioning system

Caring for your air conditioning system is far cheaper than repairing or replacing it. These tips should help you prepare adequately for winter to ensure the harsh weather doesn’t affect the system. Get in touch with us, and let us help you care for your air conditioning system and other planned maintenance needs.

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