How enterprises can benefit from layered security

How enterprises can benefit from layered security

While installing a perimeter fence around your commercial property and investing in high-quality locks are both excellent measures to protect premises, a layered approach to security can be more effective. Using different solutions and integrating them as part of a professional installation so that they work together can create a more robust level of security on site.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)

Today, cutting-edge CCTV offers users a greater level of flexibility and capability than ever before. Wireless cameras allow for easy installation and are agile and simple to relocate when a new problem area is identified. Modern high-definition cameras can deliver crystal clear image quality, with infrared options able to capture accurate colours and number plates in low lighting conditions.

This advanced equipment is ideal for providing evidential support that can lead to the prosecution of individuals with criminal intent against your company. All footage collected by the cameras is stored digitally online, ensuring no important data is ever lost.

State-of-the-art alarm systems

Professionally installed security alarm systems can be connected to your camera network and fencing to ensure you get an alert when trespassing is attempted. Alarms can act as deterrents, leading many criminals to select weaker targets elsewhere, stopping them from stealing your property or committing acts of vandalism.

Area-based intruder alarms can also allow you to protect specific parts of your site where valuable stock or confidential data is kept. Advanced alarm systems can allow you to instate different access controls to ensure only those authorised can enter specific site areas and enable you to conveniently lock security doors remotely.

Fitting an alarm system can have economic benefits for firms as well, with insurance providers often reducing annual premiums when these solutions are operating on site.

Experts in security installations

From deploying the latest CCTV cameras to installing dedicated intruder alarms, firms looking to step up their onsite security can rely on our team of qualified NSI-approved electrical engineers at Brooktech Maintenance. Get in touch today for advice on the best solutions to suit your business or to arrange regular testing of your existing system to ensure you can count on it.


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