How CCTV can benefit your business

CCTV offers a number of benefits for a business, including helping to prevent crime, increase staff and customer safety and reduce insurance claims. In this blog, we discuss these benefits in more detail.

Does CCTV deter thieves?

If you’re concerned about theft in your business, CCTV is an essential solution. Not only will it help to identify thieves, but it may even deter them from stealing from you in the first place. This helps to reduce the number of incidences as well as minimise loss through theft.

In some cases, a CCTV system can be set up to automatically send a message when an alarm is triggered. This means that the owner or security firm can act quickly in case of an attempted break-in, which may help to catch the thief and even prevent significant damage from being done.

Does CCTV deter vandals?

If a potential vandal sees that they’re being recorded on CCTV, they’ll likely choose another building. Most criminals aren’t looking for a fight; they’re looking for an easy target without any people around or security measures in place. If someone still decides to damage your business, it helps to have footage of them doing so as this can be used as evidence against them during prosecution or civil proceedings later on.

Ensuring safety and security

The use of CCTV can also help to protect your stock, assets and staff from theft. For example, as well as monitoring the inside of your premises, it can also be used to monitor parking areas and any other external spaces where vehicles may be parked, such as loading bays. This is particularly useful for businesses in high-risk areas for crime such as retail parks or industrial estates where there may be a large number of vans parked up overnight with valuable stock inside them.

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