Let's look at the latest electrical devices, helping commercial sites stay virus-free, defended against crime and the risk of fire.

How can industrial operations safeguard their staff onsite?

Professional electricians can be called upon to assist industrial sites like factories and warehouses to protect their onsite personnel with expert installations of all-new safety solutions. Below, we’ll look at three key areas where industrial operations can ramp up security for their staff with the latest electrical devices, helping their sites stay virus-free, and defended against crime and the risk of fire.

Thermographic cameras

New thermographic cameras can be installed at entry points to sites and are capable of scanning staff for high temperatures associated with COVID-19. These innovative devices can effectively screen from a distance and scan multiple staff members simultaneously, making them ideal for quickly processing large numbers of personnel.

With night vision capabilities, these cameras can scan equally well in low light, making them highly suitable for companies running night shifts. Any staff member identified as running a high temperature can be refused entry, keeping your workforce safe and your site resilient.

CCTV systems

Wireless closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems currently on offer avoid the cumbersome cabling employed by more outmoded installations. Often entirely mobile, interconnected devices can be quickly deployed in areas of high risk to protect staff. For example, cameras can be placed in break areas to ensure adequate social distancing is being adhered to amidst the pandemic or at isolated outdoor storage areas that may attract criminal interest.

Fire prevention devices

Industrial enterprises are legally obliged to perform comprehensive fire safety risk assessments on their premises. Smoke detectors and alarms once fitted can provide an early warning when incidents occur to keep personnel out of danger. Certified electrical contractors can install the latest fire alarms systems that can automatically alert emergency services while offering regular maintenance to ensure equipment is always functioning at an optimum.

Experts in industrial maintenance

At Brooktech Maintenance, our certified contractors are fully qualified to complete a wide range of electrical installations. Whether you’re looking for state-of-the-art sensory equipment or a suite of CCTV or fire prevention devices, you can rely on our dedicated team. Contact us today for any assistance required and a free, no-obligation quote.



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