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Air conditioning myths you should forget today

Many people believe they know most of what there is to know about air conditioning units. However, there are scores of unfortunate myths and misconceptions circulating about the humble AC system that could be influencing how effectively we use them. We’ve gathered a few of these myths together to help you stay cool and save energy.

Myth #1: Bigger AC units are always more effective

While bigger AC units tend to be more powerful, it is important to find one that suits the size of your commercial space. There is simply no point in spending your money on the biggest and most expensive system on the market, as overly large systems may cycle too frequently. This could quickly lead to wear and tear.

Myth #2: AC units can only cool rooms down

While it is true that the main benefit of an AC unit is that it cools rooms down, modern models are also about to condition the air by removing humidity. This is great news if your property is susceptible to moisture build-up, mildew and mould.

Myth #3: Setting your thermostat very low will cool your property faster

Unfortunately, there is no way to cool your property at lightning speed. An AC unit will work just as hard to get down to 15 degrees Celsius as it will to reach one degree. What’s more, if you forget to turn off the unit before you the room reaches your desired temperature, you could quickly find yourself feeling frozen and shivering.

Myth #4: You can place your thermostat anywhere

Not many people realise this fact, but the location of a thermostat can significantly affect the energy efficiency of a property. When considering the placement of a thermostat, you should find somewhere that is easy to reach, away from direct sunlight, on an interior wall, and will not be easily affected by drafts.

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